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Your shop of Chocolate store VESELÁ VEVERKA at Nový Smíchov shopping mall

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Monday through Sunday, 9 AM till 9 PM.


775 237 777
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VESELÁ VEVERKA comes with a crunching mourn without any jokes

When you think about a quick, tasty and ideally healthy solution to a little hunger or a great taste, think of VESELÁ VEVERKA. In this network of specialized fruit and nuts stores, you will definitely choose something good for your tooth. And you will not have to resign to taste, quality or health.
Choose from a truly varied menu - from traditional and well-known nuts and fruits, to exotic species such as roasted macadam, Peruvian mooch, hibiscus or Chinese pasta to confectionery for milky tongues.
Taste the sunflower in colorful chocolate, sparkling pacifiers, locust shark also known as Turkish delight or liquorice cream blocks.
Go for a quick snack, an original gift, or for something good on the tooth to improve the day. In Veselé Veverka you will always find the right and kind staff to advise.

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