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  • Shopping service
  • Premium services
  • Family services
  • Customer-oriented services
  • Relax
  • Health and Beauty
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Car maintenance
  • Bank and Insurance
  • Accessibility
  • Guideboards

    Guideboards in the 1st floor – at the main entrance, at Clinique, at Brioche Dorée, at Vodafone, at Geox

    Guideboards in the 2nd floor – at the Stay&Play children’s zone, at Klenoty Aurum, on the bridge at Etam

    Guideboards in the 3rd floor – on the bridge at McDonald's

  • Gift wrapping

    Gift wrapping service in the 1st floor

  • Hi-Tech Expert

    Choosing a new cell phone, tablet, laptop or camera? Not familiar with tech-specs but still looking for quality, durability and the best bargain? Turn to an expert advisor who can become your personal guide in the world of modern technologies.

  • VIP parking spaces

    Designed for long-term parking based on a signed contract.

  • Recycling

    In cooperation with the Salvation Army, we joined the ReShare project. The purpose of this project is to help all those who are not lucky enough to live in today’s normal conditions by collecting and distributing clothes. Garments are then forwarded to various social institutions in our country or forwarded to economically weaker countries, where it serves the poor.

    Next to the Salvation Army container you will find a separate container for collecting used electronic devices and parts:

    • all small electrical appliances from the office or from households

    • Cell Phones

    • portable batteries (with the exception of industrial batteries and car batteries) and accumulators

    • electronic toys, cameras, video cameras, gaming consoles

    • energy-saving light bulbs shorter than 40 cm

    • fluorescent ligh bulbs longer than 40 cm

    • toners and cartridges from printers and copiers

    The container for used clothes and the electrical waste container can be found in our garage in the -1st floor (at the entrance Kartouzská to  the -1st floor, on the right side behind the glass door

  • Umbrella rental

    Renting of umbrellas at the information desk near the main entrance

  • Toilets

    Toilets in the -1st floor at the entrance Plzeňská

    Toilets in the 2nd floor at the entrance to the bridge at Sacre Coeur

    Toilets in the 3rd floor at Café Coffee Day, at McDonald's, at Český svět

  • Charging stations for electronic devices

    Charging stations for cell phones and tablets in the 1st floor – at Estée Lauder, at Datart
    Charging stations for cell phones and tablets in the 2nd floor – at Klenoty Aurum
    Charging stations for cell phones and tablets in the 3rd floor – at Cinema City 

  • Lost & Found

    Information desk at the entrance Plzeňská

  • Stationery & press

  • Vending machines

    Drink vending machines at the entrances Kartouzská and Plzeňská 

  • Space for relaxation

    Chill-out areas:

    1st floor – behind the information desk, at Tesco information desk, at Jeff de Bruges, at Alessandro, at Bel&Blanc, at Cut& Color, at Datart, at A3 sport, at Estée Lauder

    2nd floor – on the bridge near Sephora, Stay&Play children’s zone, at Orsay, at Klenoty Aurum, at Zara

    3rd floor – on the bridge at McDonald's, on the bridge ta Mangaloo, on the bridge at Safír, at Storm

  • First-aid kit

    First-aid kit available at at the security booth in the 1st floor – hallway between Alessandro and Pet Center 

  • Defibrillator

    Defibrillator available at the security booth in the 1st floor – hallway between Alessandro and Pet Center

  • Dry cleaning

    Dry Cleaners in the 1st floor

  • Key service

    Key service on the ground floor, in the arcade Štefánikova

  • Tailoring services

  • Parking for motorcycles

    Parking for motorcycles at the entrance do the -1st floor

  • Parking for bicycles

    Bike racks in front of entrances

  • Car wash

    Car wash opposite personal escalators in the -2nd floor

  • Charging stations for electric cars

    Charging stations for electric cars at the exit Plzeňská -2nd floor

  • Taxi booking

    Taxi booking at the information desk near the main entrance Plzeňská

  • Parking lot

  • ATM

    -1st floor: Fio Banka

    Ground floor: Česká Spořitelna – arcade Štefánikova, at the escalator Kartouzská and in front of Marks and Spencer (three in total) 

    1st floor: GE Money – at the escalator in front of H&M, ČSOB – at the escalator in front of I’AM

    1st floor: Air Bank – in front of Kleonty Aurum

    2nd floor: Unicredit – near the escalator exit (next to toilets)

  • Bank

  • Wheelchair rental

    renting of wheelchairs at the information desk near the main entrance

  • Barrier-free toilets

    All toilets at Nový Smíchov Shopping Center are barrier-free


    A voluntary fee of CZK 10 (excluding -1st floor) allows us to:

    * Improve the quality and cleanness of toilets – in response to frequent complaints that we were repeatedly receiving despite a number of measures implemented in the past

    * Eliminate persons, who were abusing out toilets at the expense of our customer – washing of clothes, performing daily hygiene, using and distributing narcotics


                      * Note:

                      The Nový Smíchov Shopping Center does not gain any financial profit from the new system

                      The managing body = the largest operator of paid toilets in Europe

                      Toilet-fee = CZK 10 on a voluntary basis

  • Barrier-free parking spaces

    parking spaces for disabled at the entrances to the parking lot


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