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Your shop of Fashion and Accessories ETAM at Nový Smíchov shopping mall

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Monday through Sunday, 9 AM till 9 PM.


734 315 009
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ETAM is the most popular French brand of lingerie and nightwear and represents the European market leader in its domain with more than 3,500 stores worldwide.

ETAM is a brand of top models and all the girls and ladies who want to feel good and be pampered.

ETAM will surprise you with the wide range and diversity of its products and you will hardly find a shop with lingerie on the Czech market, that would offer as many types, styles, colors and variations as ETAM. In the spirit of the typically French coquetry and playful collections of underwear, the offer does not omit collection of bathrobes, nightgowns, pajamas, home wear, swimwear and various accessories such as slippers for home, playful laundry bags or hot-water bottles in the shape of cute teddy bears.

Would you like to please your lady and you are unsure of your choice? The solution is simple - give her a gift voucher and her smile and joy will be your sweetest reward.

Paris is the city of fashion, grace and lifestyle. We bring the atmosphere of this magical city on the Seine even to you.

ETAM is our world and we believe that it becomes a part of yours as well.

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