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Your shop of Baker and cake shop FRUITISIMO ground floor at Nový Smíchov shopping mall

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Monday through Sunday, 11 AM till 11 PM


774 300 330
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RUITISIMO We love fruit!

One day we grew out of drinking boxed juice drinks. Ah, those sweet sins of youth... Do you remember?

Suddenly we discovered a world beyond boxed juice. We followed the fruit trail and discovered fresh juice. And we completely fell in love with them! A vitamin bomb exploded in our head. And we decided to spread this good news further and keep on doing it at 100%. Thus Fruitisimo was born. And since love can move mountains, we fell in love for the second time – with ice-cream, who became the queen of our heart. It’s the real stuff! A that’s exactly why we love her. She was the reason why we founded our first ice-cream factory, which now employs a large number of apt craftsmen. We follow the motto: A kingdom for good ice-cream! Because real ice-cream is more than gold.

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