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Sustainable development

The Nový Smíchov shopping center is committed to the principles and commitments of the sustainable development policy, declared by the parent company Klépierre.

The Nový Smíchov shopping center is a holder of the BREEAM certificate with the rating “Excellent”.

Sustainable development and environmental protection at Novy Smíchov are supported in the following forms:

• Recycling Bins in all arcades
• The collection site for WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) in garages
• During 2013, we sorted out 244 tons of waste destined for recycling

• LED lighting in all arcades, on the facade and emergency exits reduced the consumption of energy for lighting by 60% in comparison to the original solution
• By installing a negative booster and EcoTube LED lights we reduced the consumption of energy for lighting in garages by 20%
• Escalators and travellators with a power saving mode

Climate change
• Replacement of refrigerants that deplete the ozone layer is environmentally friendly, and this on all devices
• Charging stations for electric cars 

• Support of biodiversity – placing of booths and insect hotels on the roof and facade of the shopping center
• Installation of green vertical columns and a green wall in the Wi-Fi zone

• The Energy Performance of Buildings Certificate with the with the grade "economical"

• The entire shopping center is barrier-free
• The toilets for the disabled are equipped with a uniform EURO-KEY for disabled persons
• Wheelchairs can be rented at the information desk near the main entrance

• Up to 80% of visitors of the shopping center come on foot, by bike or using public transport options

• Faucets are equipped with water-savers
• Toilets in garages and on the 3rd floor are equipped with waterless urinals

• We regularly organize and support charity events – Člověk v tísni, Ruce na prsa, Linka bezpečí, Pestrá společnost and a number of other

• All of our suppliers are bound by the "organic" addendum and respect the rules of Klépierre in terms of employment and the elimination of any form of discrimination (e.g. race or gender)


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